what my clients are saying…

I’m a dietitian, not a tech person. I didn’t want to deal with all the tech/backend stuff of my business, but I really wanted to get my E-book out to the world and my new membership launched.  

Laurie was SO helpful in helping me figure out the parts that I didn’t know how to do. She was always available for my questions and got back to me in a timely manner! 


Thank you Laurie!”


Registered Dietitian

When I hired Laurie, I already had a site but I didn’t like how it looked or that I couldn’t make any changes without them doing it for me. Laurie not only designed a site that is a true representation of my brand, but also teaches me how to use the site so I can make changes and I love that I have more control of my site. I My site has been a gamechanger! I LOVE the look, the ease of use, and how awesome Laurie is with suggestions!


Functional Nutrition Specialist

what my clients are saying…

Since I started working with Laurie, I have a beautiful website! Her work ethic is impeccable. Not only is she patient, but she came down to my level and together we worked at my pace, she literally held my hand and guided me through every step that I needed to build my business.

Thanks to Laurie I now have the confidence I need to take my business to the next level. Laurie definitely went far and beyond what I expected.

Thank you, Laurie!


Health Coach

I am not a website person at all. When I received mine from the group that built it, with the “how-to” packet, Klingon was simpler to understand…  I knew I needed help.

I now have a site that I am proud to share. Because of Laurie, I have been able to update my site,to attract more clients, and link provide potential clients with a link to book a call. 

She has given me the peace of mind to focus on coaching and not the inter-workings of the website. She covers everything!

Best.  investment. ever!


Health Coach

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