Top Mistakes Health Coaches Make When They're First Starting Out


When I started out I made ALL THE MISTAKES.

#1 - I asked my ICA what they wanted.

They might have been asking for meal plans and workouts but it turns out they had no idea what they actually needed. So I did 3 iterations of my program before I landed in my actual niche and realized what I want my program to look like. At the time I thought I was making mistakes but it turns out I was learning valuable lessons that I could not have learned otherwise.

#2 - I gave my program away for free (or almost free!)

When there's no energy exchange (and yes, money is energy!) people tend not to value your content or your time. Charge something, even for your beta, and yes even your friends! When they pay, they will pay attention.

There are times that I do scholarships or barters with other business owners (especially in the beginning!) but those are on my terms and not because I feel guilty about asking for money.

#3 - I stayed invisible in my business out of fear

I didn’t face or my name on my website. I didn't want to tell people what I did. I didn't want to hold workshops in my community because I was sure no one would show up or people would laugh at me. What if I failed? What if I looked like a fool? . I asked all the ‘what ifs’ you can think of. But you know what? I got in this business to help people who were going through the same shit I went through, but I was making my decisions about ME and how I felt, when I needed to get out there and start helping people! 

Don't be afraid of crickets. Sometimes fb lives get zero views or likes. You will screw something up and that's ok. The worst thing you can do is hide behind your computer and pretend you're busy

#4 - I did busy work and pretended it made a difference.

Very little of it actually made me any money and a lot of it helped me maintain an expensive hobby. LOSE/LOSE. The best thing you can do is get out there, get visible, and run your programs with the intention of SERVICE.

#5 - I bought DFY after DFY program

Like weight loss, I believed there was A MAGIC DFY program that I would set up and money would start pouring in. Every DFY needs some kind of implementation, installation, marketing, etc and you still need to get out there and sell it.

PRO TIP: My best advice is run 4-week beta groups to refine your content before you spend months and $$ creating a 3-month program no one wants.
Run it, get feedback, make adjustments, run it again. keep doing this until you feel you're having the greatest impact and providing the best solution in the time allowed in your program.

Want more info on how to do this?

#6 -My Biggest Mistake?

I waited too long to ask for help. If you need help getting started, REACH OUT AND ASK FOR HELP Yes, it will cost you some money, but consider it an investment. I missed out on MONTHS of being profitable because I was too afraid to hire a coach.

Getting a step by step strategy for where I wanted to go was worth what I paid x100. No more wasting time, just a straightforward process to getting clients.

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