Struggling to reach your fitness goals?


It’s not your fault.

Maybe you’ve struggled to make progress in your fitness because you’ve been using programs that just weren’t designed for your fitness level.

Maybe you haven’t been able to stick to a program long enough to see results.

Maybe you just don’t know how to get started.

If this describes where you are, you’re the reason I created the Fitness Membership program.

Perfect for people struggling to be consistent, struggling to get results.

It’s perfect for beginners or anyone who wants to get in shape.


When you sign up for the Fitness Membership program, you’ll get:


A Fast and effective Workout Program

30-minute workouts that build lean muscle, boost your metabolism, and give you lots of energy!

You’ll get:

  • 30-minute strength and endurance-building workouts you can do at home or at the gym

  • Access to my free fitness app, with a variety of workouts available based on your fitness goal and fitness level

  • No fancy equipment needed, you can do the workouts with a set of hand weights, resistance bands, or bodyweight!

  • A balanced program of strength, cardio, and flexibility training to help you get leaner, get healthier, and avoid injury

  • Progress tracking - watch your strength and endurance improve over time

  • 10 new workouts every month so you don’t get bored


LIVE virtual workshops 

Because fitness doesn’t end in the gym, each month I’ll give a live workshop on a topic designed to support your health and wellness, plus a live Q&A for you to get your health and fitness questions answered real time.

I’ll cover:

  • Nutrition - Balancing your macros and eating for energy

  • Stress and time management strategies

  • Menu planning and meal prepping

  • Fitness equipment recommendations

unlimited accountability and support

  • A private Facebook group with a community of like-minded women, working towards similar goals

  • Weekly accountability check-ins to help you stay on track

  • You’ll have unlimited access to a me (a certified personal trainer and health coach) for any questions you have about getting healthy, not just losing weight

  • Monthly challenges to keep you motivated and making progress

Stop struggling to get into the fitness habit.

Let me help you!

Program access starts at $49/month.

Get 2 months free by paying in full for the year.

Paid in Full Bonus - Access to Ditch Your Diet - the Anti-diet Approach to Better Health (valued at $499)